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K.T Creativity Award

Groups Awards Images Works Artists
Digital Animation Golden Award IMPERMANENCE 苗天雨、陳家瑩
Silver Award The Carousel Family 劉得予
Bronze Award The Stranger 黃瀚杰
Technology Create Award A Time and a Place 莊禾
Excellent Work Life Is Unpredictable 劉晏呈
Excellent Work Playing the Piano 陳宜謙
Digital Game Golden Award Rig Up Tracks 林子虹
Silver Award Bleed 李佳蔚、林鈺珊、張詠筑、洪婉甄、陳利亭
Bronze Award DefendEra 陳芸軒、李佳倫、童承頎、林純瑩、林純閣
Technology Create Award
Excellent Work
Clean Up 江其諺、陸品翰、蕭菀妤、嚴堯瀚
Excellent Work Regression 張文碩、楊(王念)琪、李毓凌、黃允綾
Interactive Technology Art Golden Award Listen to Me 蔡奇宏
Silver Award UV Light Meals In Seven Days 黃可婷、楊朝皓、黃易、高宇成
Bronze Award Story_Boxes 張紹甫、吳奇勳
Technology Create Award ArtTorchlight 張傑名、劉承穎
Excellent Work Every Ocean
Every Me
任祐新、Charles Christopher Morace
Excellent Work Sh… Ark is coming 徐育樺、溫英英、林莉凱
Excellent Work Travel Messages 謝翰誼、楊尚仁、盧本翔、溫廷立
Excellent Work Memory under the Sun 吳冠穎、蕭名君、寇竹昀、劉一萱

Mr. Kwoh-Ting Li, former Senior Advisor to the Office of the President of the Republic of China, is known for his work in leading the economic growth of Taiwan, and sparing no efforts in promoting the combination of technology with art and culture. To commemorate and in recognition of Mr. Li’s efforts, the “K.T. Creativity Award” borrows from Mr. Li’s name and at the same time represents “Knowledge Taiwan.” The goal of the award is to focus on innovative applications of digital technology into the visual arts, hoping to excite the creativity and innovation activities of Taiwan through competition between college teams.