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UV Light Meals In Seven Days


UV Light Meals In Seven Days is the interactive work combined with big data, data visualization, devices, performances and action art. UV Light, as implied by the name, is ultraviolet, the light being discovered in the sunshine. When people are over-exposed to ultraviolet, their bodies would be harmed. This work shows the documentary film of devices and action performances, attempting to present ultraviolet energy that is abstract and harmful in the life by all means, and to make people feel the influences of ultraviolet on humans by a kind of humorous performance art with interactive behaviors.

For this work, the data of the “Index of Ultraviolet Likely Harmful to Human Bodies” were collected from “data.gov.tw” from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. every day, presented with data-visualized graphs and transformed into toaster’s energy to make toast. The amount of ultraviolet energy is transformed and presented on the roasted toast, and the scorched level on the toast also represents the harmed level under ultraviolet in our lives. Finally, the toast is eaten, and ultraviolet energy and the illness what it brings in our lives are felt by human’s five senses – the senses of taste, smell, hearing, touch and sight – which are recorded as a documentary film, transforming invisible, unlikely tangible ultraviolet energy in the everyday life into more concrete, tangible energy.