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A Word from the Mayor

    Taipei is a city full of cultural vitality and innovative energy. Various cultural activities held in the city nurture citizen’s life and the city’s humanistic flatus. In the digital age, technological products such as the Internet, computers, and smartphones have become a part of people’s life. Accordingly, the interaction between technology and culture has become an important issue nowadays.


    To actively explore the relationship between human beings and digital technology in the digital age, Taipei City Government has organized “Digital Art Festival Taipei” annually since 2006 and established the Digital Art Center Taipei in 2009. These professional establishments create friendly environment and conditions for exhibition and educational promotion of digital culture and interdisciplinary creation. In addition, by combining technology with artistic practice, we expect to create a humanistic and technological space for the creative city to exhibit its vigorous cultural dynamics.


    With “Data-Neurons” as its theme, the 8th Digital Art Festival Taipei held in 2013 exhibited over 126 works created by 190 domestic and foreign artists, addressing issues concerning the contemporary society and digital culture. The festival assembled magnum opuses by numerous excellent artists. It therefore demonstrated

a broad interdisciplinary perspective and rich cultural profundity as well as a new interpretation on and presentation of artistic practices. This festival has definitely broadened the viewers’ cultural horizons regarding digital art.


Lung-Bin Hau

Mayor of Taipei City

March 2014