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Sh… Ark is coming


The floods were rising gradually, and animal refugees were rushing to the ark built by Noah. We fought with fierce-looking features only for escaping from the gradually sinking island.

Animals were rescued; island was sunk; dream was gone; and the reality just appeared. Island, animals and ark. Steam, bathtub and self.

The fascinating place completely has never actually existed. The place personally visited in a trance only appears in the dream from beginning to end.

Participants squeeze different organs on their faces, such as eyebrows, eyes, noses and mouths, to form various terrains on the island as natural barriers. Roads are also additionally constructed for flamingos, giraffes, tortoises, anteaters and cheetahs for heading out to the ark on the top of the head to rescue the animals in the habitat submerged by the floods. However, because animals’ moving speeds are different, participants have to push all the animals to the lifesaving ark before the floods have completely submerged the island.

After participants have rescued all the animals, the little illusory story that occurs while taking a bath would end, and participants would, via recorded films, look back on how they look like in the reality while rescuing the animals.