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Hundreds of years after the Great Magic War, people have forgotten what they have been fighting for, and the power that seals the statue gradually disappears with the passing of time. The magic dragon knight, once sealed, now awakens and uses the power of the forbidden book again, leaving the world in chaos. To keep the dark forces from continuing to spread to the world, the guardians embark on a journey to re-seal the magic dragon knight.

A common tower defense game usually adopts a screen in a fixed 2D perspective (or a 3D imitation of a 2D perspective), and the players have no roles to manipulate in the game. In contrast, this game allows the players to manipulate a role dedicated to them and to play in a free 3D perspective. We combine the characteristics of action games and those of tower defense games. Not only do the players have to build towers to accomplish the goal of the game, they can also participate in the tower defense battles with their roles! In addition, we incorporate into the game concepts and systems that enhance the game’s fun.

As the players progress towards the end of the game along the story, they have to hold the portal gate to be protected in each level and to defeat the monsters trying to invade. This game allows an online multiplayer team with a maximum of eight people.