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Instrumental Design

The popularization of digital design methods and fabrication techniques deconstruct industrialized processes, prevent traditional procedures from stifling creativity, demonstrate the feasibility of small-amount customization, redefine the handicraft of the new age, and revive the spirits of treating an artist as a craftsman prevailed in the Renaissance. Nevertheless, while people indulge themselves in the rapidly produced and self-fulfilled magnificence, there is always a force urging us to unremittingly explore the unknown and create paradigms. Creation is a thrilling adventure of exploring and challenging our limits. In addition to thoughts and contexts, tools and materials should be the objects of exploration as well in order to help us “improve old instruments and create new ones.” Digital tools are not simply tools, but the media for creating greater possibilities and the path that leads us to the Well of Mimir.*
*the well of wisdom in Norse mythology

June-Hao Hou

June-Hao Hou received his Doctorate in Design and Master’s degree in Design Studies from the Graduate School of Design, Harvard University. He also received a Master’s degree in Applied Arts from the National Chiao Tung University (NCTU), and majored in Applied Math when he was an undergrad at the NCTU. He is currently an assistant professor at the Graduate Institute of Architecture, NTCU. Since the 1990s, Hou has not only devoted himself to graphic design, animation, and computer music studies, but also participated in the design and operation of the earliest commercial websites in Taiwan. He has ever been a lecturer in digital media, a senior product manager, a freelance designer, an adjunct lecturer at the Department of Architecture, Harvard University, and a reviewer of creative design competitions and public art. In recent years, Hou turns to focus on the teaching, research, and promotion of interdisciplinary innovation, open design, interaction design, parameter design, and digital fabrication. Besides, He is very enthusiastic about organizing domestic and international workshops as well as conducting curatorial activities.

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