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The Carousel Family


The Carousel Family is a fantasy animation comedy. The family in this story lives in a house transformed from a carousel. Like a carousel, the floor in the house rotates with music, and the furniture and daily necessities also turn around on the floor, or the turntable. The electrical appliances and sanitary equipment, however, work with the existing water and electricity pipeline and are fixed outside the turntable. The family’s life is very busy since they have to adapt themselves to the rotation of the turntable. Apart from this, they lead a daily life not different from ours.

“The Carousel Family” is a 3D animation comedy based on the creator’s satisfaction and regrets in childhood, his interaction with his family, and fanciful fantasy elements as major themes.

Therefore, the plots are arranged to be simple and understandable; with this standard of arrangement, the creator hopes the audience will watch this animation in a relaxed way as if they were riding amusement facilities. The plots progress chronologically, describing the daily life from the main character’s returning home from school till the end of day. The viewers may vaguely predict the next phase of development based on the same life experiences and feel surprised when the differences occur.

This animation is in memory of the excitement when the creator first rode the carousel as an elementary school student and of the hope that childhood memories will never end.