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Every Ocean Every Me

Artist:任祐新、Charles Christopher Morace

Every Ocean Every Me starts off on the spirit of “do not forget the original intention” as the main story content. It is a short story describing a little girl’s inner growth, integrated with the concept of picture story books and digital media, as well as added with interactive elements for increasing attraction. Via the development mode of pushing the story forward by interactions, it leads readers to go deep into the story. Readers will discover different things with the little girl in the story, experience the little girl’s mind changes on the journey, and realize that do not forget what originally loved even if the environment has changed.

In the beginning, the little girl lived in a grey city without any energy. This city is like the little girl’s stagnant mindset. Because of homesickness, she set off to the hometown where her grandfather lives in. Grandfather is the person who she can trust and tell to, allowing her to release long-depressed mood. Supported with the power of care, the little girl has courage to go forth on the deeper and farther journey, and in the process of diving, realizes certain reason step by step. The deepest place of the sea represents the girl’s deepest place in the heart. Because of understanding, she is not fearful and confused any more and making herself glowing and heating instead. The interactions between internality and externality are expressed through the adventures in the story, describing that when encountering choke points, do not be afraid of changing the status quo; instead, setting off to the unknown field will gain something unexpected.