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A Time and a Place


“As time flies away, we head for the terminal point.”

The creator intends to express a most marginal position with A Time and a Place, which means any time and any place. A drama with chasing scenes takes place in this fictitious, floating environment. With emotions infused in the work, the creator detaches himself from the work both in time and in space, conveying his feelings from an objective perspective, minimizing his own existence, facing the scenes at a distance. It is as if he did nothing, but he keeps moving on; though the results are unknown, the process has finished.

Unlike a mechanical animation production which actually leaves toner on paper, the production of this work is intuitive and full of surprises, and the results generated are irreplaceable both in visual effects and in meanings.

In addition, this may also be viewed as an advantage of independent creation which, compared with an animation factory requiring a large number of specifications and norms, allows more personal, freer and bolder performance of lines. Furthermore, its dynamic requirements could also be more romantic, pursuing the spirit of “likeness in idea” over “likeness in appearance” in 12 to 24 pictures per second with mutual influences on one another.