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In the changing torrents of time, traditional beliefs are gradually transformed to adapt themselves to the impacts of environmental protection, science and technology, and humanities. Like traditional heritage buildings, traditional beliefs are able to spread in the new generation with the help of artificial power, which may be termed as a spiritual historic preservation. Between deities and people, the roles of guardians and the guarded are exchanged, revealing the impermanence of things. However, glancing at the temple buildings standing in the big jungle named city, who on earth is able to strike a balance between the essence and the preservation of beliefs?

The main character, Wu Chang (Impermanence), revives in dilapidated ruins, recalling his own past and beliefs with the familiar scenery in the surroundings. Wu Chang tries to escape this place as he finds that the ruins are gradually swallowed by the torrents of time. However, when he spots the temple of his faith in his memory appearing at the boundary of the ruins and the new city and about to be flooded over by the torrents, to guard his own belief, he makes every effort to facilitate the temple’s advancement towards a new era.