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Playing the Piano


This animation essentially displays a process during which one approaches self-immersion but gets interrupted. In the story, when playing the piano, a little girl gradually falls into her own imaginary world of music by touching the piano keys. With the melody of the music, the notes on the music sheets transform into small animals, playing with her… This work, majorly based on the creator’s childhood experiences and feelings, intends to explore and to question the inflexible distinction between right and wrong which leaves no grey areas.

This animated short film is composed of pencil hand-painted frames with computer processing. Without dialogue or narrative, the film combines reality and fantasy utilizing the relatively free features of animation. The constantly moving picture is accompanied by a song that keeps playing. The scene scheduling, completed by the deformation of shape and by the guidance through shadowing the lens, means that in fact, there could be a variety of perspectives in the way of looking at things. The character designs are all based on the main concepts associated with notes and pianos. The visual effects dominated by black and white and grayscales not only reflect the repression of emotions but also convey a vague relationship between explicitness and implicitness.