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Clean Up


The beautiful, comfortable environment in Taiwan is able to be maintained only with the silent efforts of street sweepers. However, as of today, not every Taiwanese has born well in mind the concepts of junk off the ground and waste classification…

This work adopts the point of view of a street sweeper and is incorporated with the elements of green energy, environmental protection and interactive somatosensory so as to be a game that is of educational values and allows the public to experience the toil and pains of street sweepers. For the players to be better immersed in the game, the game employing somatosensory equipment is played in a most intuitive way. In the game, we have to play by wearing a bamboo hat and holding a bamboo broom just like a street sweeper. We hope this way of game play will bring new experiences to the players; furthermore, we hope that the concepts of junk off the ground and being environmentally friendly whenever possible will be deeply rooted in the mind of every adult and child.

In addition to the promotion of environmental protection, we hope this game to be featured with local culture; therefore, all the scenes in the game are distinguishing attractions of different places in Taiwan, including Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall in Taipei, Bagua Mountain Giant Buddha in Changhua, and Anping Fort in Tainan. In this way, during the game, the players not only learn about environmental protection as they sweep garbage into recycle bins but also become more familiar with the tourist attractions in Taiwan.