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This is a horizontal scrolling game using 3D modeling and a 2D perspective and thus, in this sense, may be called a 2.5D game. After reaching the boss by passing every level, the main character has to defeat the boss to retrieve “the life slate,” saving the floating island from the coming destruction. A magical adventure unfolds in the surroundings of a unique, cute art style.

In the story, the original world is full of joy and peace without any disaster or contamination. However, the darkness hidden in depth of this bright world gradually appears, destroying “the life slate” symbolic of brightness; thus, a large amount of darkness suddenly invades every place in the world. Awakening from the seal, the residents of darkness take away the fragments of “the life slate” and occupy the floating island. In the darkness, remnants of light gather into a light ball like a small light island in which the main character of the game is born.

The level and character designs of this work are completed by SAI. First, we started the design with a silhouette and then conducted modeling, skeleton setup, and adjustment of movements with 3dmax after the design was completed. We created bump maps by MUDBOX for some models and in the end, imported all the results into the UNITY game engine for programming.