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Listen to Me


For this work, construction was carried out according to the space on the spot, and work route was installed according to the space shape or the site character. The work uses electronic control technology to control several industrial air cylinders, generates sounds by air cylinders’ automatic violent hits, and tries to hit different media in the filed to stir up echoes. The audience can listen to the sounds from hits in the filed and interact with them.

Most of the past works mainly focus on sound and image devices, using various materials such as wood, acrylic, slide projector and water as media to generate sounds or images. This work visually hides the characters of different materials and, via sounds and mechanical structures, let the audience explore the material meanings hidden behind the sounds they make.

The device itself annotates by huge sounds, and I try to show the status that I am not good at expression by such a more violent way. The device switches different materials, makes different sounds promptly, and expresses hurried and uncontrollable mood via these violent sounds; yet, the appearance behind the sounds would not be observed on the surface. It adopts a kind of extremely defensive status toward surrounding people and things, but it also intends to attract them at the same time, creating a stage for self-speaking.