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The DAC-GRAMECollaborative Interdisciplinary Performance of Digital Art


Since the Taipei Digital Art Festival premiered in 2006, the interdisciplinary digital art performance that combines the efforts of domestic artists and performers has been one of themajor programs of the Festival every year. The works《Memory Puzzles》by Ku&Dancers and《New Vision Liyuan– Automated Marionette Project—Hsiao Ho-Wen》are exemplary domestic achievements in the integration of digital high technology, which creates brand new possibilities for artistic creation. In recent years, the DAC, Taipei further reaches aniconic status in digital art performance through transnational and inter-institutional collaboration.

This year, the DAC, Taipei presents the work《Threads》. This work adopts the motion capture technology developed by GRAME and combines the ideas of French composer Roque Rivas, Taiwanese choreographer Sun Shang-Chi (resides in Europe), and Taiwanese digital artist YehTing-Hao.This workis an interdisciplinary performance that integrates the dancers’ bodies, the musician, and the 3D motion capture technology. It creatively reinterprets the interaction among sound, dance, image, and space on the stage.Rather than created by musical instruments, themusic for this work is created by the sound graphicscomposed of the data of the dancers’motions. The capture of sounds, images, and motionsopens up anew stage space.This workgoesbeyond the boundariesof music and dance. Through the mutual penetration and blurringbetweenthe music and the dancers’ bodies, this work incarnates a brand new form of performance based on the concept of “composing on stage.”

Choreographer: Sun Shang-Chi
Dancers: AnnapaolaLeso and Ruben Reniers
Sound: Roque Rivas
Image: YehTing-Hao and The Millionaires Express Graphics & Design
Interactive Technology R&D: Christophe Lebreton
Image Programming R&D: Wang Lien-Cheng and YehTing-Hao
International Coordination: Sun Ping
Executive Producers: Chen Ping-Yi, and Liao Zhi-Han
TechnologicalSupport: Lin Wei-Yuan, Shih Rui-Ning, YueYi-Qiang,Wu Jia-Jun, Lin Pei-Chen, Lin Chih-Hong
Lighting: Sobright Lighting
Directive Sponsor: Ministry of Culture
Host: Digital Art Foundation;Eslite Performance Hall;GRAME
Organizer: Digital Art Center, Taipei
Tickets& Prices: The NTCH Ticketing System