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Travel Messages


In early times, message boards would beprovided in train stations. Message boards allow travelers to share their feelings and even inner cries on the journeys, allow people to search the messages left to them or read and feel travelers’ frames of minds, and also allow travelers to deliver their spiritual movements through the message boards. Nowadays, the popularity of cell phones has made these message boards disappear, and the spiritual connections also disappeared along with it. This work is come up with the concept of message board, and the main purpose is to let travelers express and share their feelings by words and pictures through this work, no matter those are opinions or mental feelings about the journeys. This work allows travelers to be able to carry out spiritual interactions even if they do not know one another.

In the design, we take totems as the base in coordination with light changes, presenting “light totem” symbols on the message board. According to these light totem symbols, different messages from travelers are delivered. Meantime, we add the time dimension into the work, presenting the pass of time via flowing “light leaks.” The presented light totems are the effects changed along with light leaks. People interact through the APP on mobile devices. As long as the camera is aimed at the message board, travelers can share their feelings and frames of minds on it. To browse travelers’ frames of minds shared on the message board by mobile devices makes travelers’ minds interact one another at the same place without time barrier.