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Life Is Unpredictable


Life is unpredictable; both life and death are transition and transformation. In the face of these changes, if we view them from a different perspective, we get disparate outcomes. A sudden, strong rainfall may catch us unprepared, dousing the hope, destroying the plants. However, the rain will stop eventually, and what follows is the warm sunshine; the dead plants in the end turn to nutrients, nurturing new life.

Various kinds of people in this world are like potted plants; some thrive and flourish, like people with good health, while some are withered and shriveled, infected with pests. The birds fly down from the trees to peck for the bugs, just as the family of the patients living with pain and illness look for every possible way to save the patients, unwilling to give up any opportunity despite the slim chances. The modern medical science leaves the patients with no choice but to undergo all the surgery. Nonetheless, their bodies are even further weakened after the torments of surgery. Non-scientific prayer for blessings, instead, becomes the final spiritual shelter, but are all these really helpful?