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A Word from the Commissioner

    Technology is the extension of human power. Modern technology is becoming the basis of our daily life, which not only constructs the cultural meanings we observe and perceive, but also creates more possibilities for our life. In addition, digital technology has enormously broadened the media and interfaces for creation, changing and influencing the forms in which contemporary artists demonstrate their creativity.


    With “Data-Neurons” as its theme, the 8th Digital Art Festival Taipei profoundly addresses two core issues of the global network society, namely “Big Data” and “Neurons.” In the digital age, people communicate and exchange with each other through the massive flow of information. They structure and organize the information

and thereby produce meanings. Accordingly, modern technology significantly influences our daily perception and pace of life.


    The 8th Digital Art Festival Taipei organized additional programs such as a special exhibition of “APP Art Awards” held by the ZKM (Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie Karlsruhe, Germany), the interdisciplinary performance “Threads” collaborated between the DAC (Digital Art Center, Taipei) and the GRAME (centre national de création musicale, Lyon, France), and a pavilion for the special exhibition of digital design. In addition to exploring digital art from various perspectives such as design, industry, sound, and dance, the festival also manifested DAC’s achievements since its establishment in 2009, including its long-term devotion in the research and development for interdisciplinary performance and long-term cooperation and exchange with foreign artistic institutes.


    The Digital Art Festival Taipei is held on an annual basis. It not only contributes to the convergence of creativity and technology, but also demonstrates the innovative power of technological culture and the achievement constituted by the integration between humanities and arts. With diverse exhibitions and creations, the festival

shows people the charm of technological creativity. It also delves deeply into social and cultural issues in the digital age, demonstrating profound humanistic reflection and new thinking.


Wei-Gong Liu

Commissioner of the Department of Cultural Affairs

Taipei City Government

March 2014