Copper VeinsIgor Keltchewsky


Inspired by the vision of the 80’s, 90’s of the digital world, by science fiction and computer imagery, “Copper Veins” is a video game that takes place in an imaginary digital world.

Designed to be a killer, “Abraham Murder” is a half-steel half-flesh clone, who has a programing problem. His creator sends viruses to delete the wrong program. Abraham will have to meet other programs that will help him to find his hidden powers. He will have to practice his skills and train hard to reach his enemy. The player takes control of Abraham program to struggle against viruses and fight bosses. He will travel through different circuits, mazes, digital cities and error lands.

As the user plays the game, a part of the soundtrack is composed, as every signal is assigned to a note or a chord linked to the specific atmosphere of the level. This gameplay experimentation allows the player to adapt his behavior during the different steps of the game and strengthen his implication in the game.


Born in France, Igor Keltchewsky lives in several countries in his youth.

Attracted by music and writing, he learns different instruments to record his first songs on tapes. He erases known artists discs to make his own, in a DIY logic. He creates a character named Abraham Murder (which becomes his stage name), a tired and disillusioned rock star who gets through multiple adventures in video games or short animation films. After finishing Art school in Lyon, France, he gathers music and animation, video games, to complete his personal universe. Influenced by John Carpenter’s atmospheres, Philip Glass minimal melodies, Beck or Alan Vega; Abraham tinkers his music to create a unique mood.