A Word from the Commissioner

Digital art always keeps pace with the times. As technology improves every day, digital artists have weeded through the old to bring forth the new by applying state-of-the-art technology. Against this background, we have been engaged in the pursuit of grasping the latest trend of digital art, keeping abreast of its global developments, demonstrating true creativity of Taiwanese digital artists par excellence, as well as forging reciprocal exchange with foreign artists.

Inaugurated in 2006, the Digital Art Festival Taipei has entered its 11th anniversary this year. Over the past decade, the festival has served as a window of opportunity for domestic and foreign digital artists to exchange their ideas and featured diverse gala events, which makes it not only an important exchange platform for digital art but also an effective marketing of Taipei’s digital art culture. As one of the most iconic digital art events in Taiwan, the festival this year exudes its consistent charm to attract creators of cutting-edge digital art as well as related experts and talents, representing a landmark in the trajectory of Taiwan’s digital art development.

Digital technology has become an important part of our quotidian existence. New technologies such as the Internet of things, artificial intelligence and social media have illustrated that technology exists no longer in a physical form but in an invisible way. Adopting “in_Subject” as its theme, the 2016 Digital Art Festival Taipei is dedicated to unveiling the basic knowledge hidden behind new technologies and addressing the issues concerning the fusion of humanity and technology in the digital era. The festival this year attracts a riotous profusion of artworks ranging from fashion technology and life sciences to virtual reality. The diverse content is bound to provide the spectators with fresh thinking and new understanding.

Living in the digital era, it seems that modern people can never view themselves as external or extraneous to the above-mentioned issues. We cordially invite all citizens to the 2016 Digital Art Festival Taipei, where you can enjoy the colorful and impressive annual pageant of trend-leading digital art.

Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei City Government