SimulateShu-Yu Lin


Microcontroller, Servomotor, Acrylic




The pursuit and development of technological and digital origination tend to be imperceptibly restricted or consciously resistant, facing ceaseless struggle and attempting to strike a balance therein. It is very easy to get carried away with exploring new media, new technologies, and familiarizing ourselves with them by using them heavily. We may either actively discern, select and even reject or passively receive and imitate these faintly discernible influential factors in the life context, universal values and social milieu encapsulated within this work, wherefrom a ritual-like conditioned reflex is triggered.


Shu-Yu Lin is enrolled in the MFA program of the Department of New Media Art, Taipei National University of the Arts. Inspired by his comprehension and perception of real-life experiences, Lin’s artworks tend to transform his careful observations on natural and scientific phenomena, and demonstrate the results in the form of interactive sensing and kinetic installation.