Po-Zen Yang, Po-Ju Chen, Jian-Yue zhang, Zhong-Jie Tao, Ji-Toru Lu


ERISLE is an ARPG game produced by the game engine Unity5. In the game, the concepts of money and blood volume are equated, creating unique value exchange and whole new game experience. The game is solely developed by the independent team Expect Studio.

The PC version of the game is scheduled to undergo beta testing in March 2016 and to be published in July of the same year for PCs and mainframes, and the mobile version is being developed at the moment. In terms of the game value system, we boldly decided to equate the values of players’ shield energy, weapon ammunition and money. In the game, we call it energy, which can absorb the damage players suffer from. But once energy value comes to zero, life value will start to lose after suffering damage. Besides, energy value can also be used as weapon ammunition, weapon upgrade and a way of obtaining new weapons.



It is a team consists of a group of college students since 2014, after which some other like-minded partners joined. Every member is enthusiastic about game design. To us, what we’ve created is a medium to show ourselves. Game is a kind of special medium, which can present a story, a fantasy, an ideal, and people’s moods and thoughts, etc. Anything occurs in mind can be realized, be it a movie, a musical play, or a work of art; and the process, of course, is full of joy. We would like to present what we have in mind and share this interesting world to everyone. To us, a game is a world. This is what we always believe in.