Yamata Wheel

Yamata Wheel
Yao-Chi Huang, Bo-Jun Huang, Bing-Yi Tan, Cheng Chuang, Wei Chou, Li-Cheng Hsu, Hung-Ye Hsieh, Yu-Zhen Zhou
Digital games


“Yamata Wheel,” a 3D PC action game, has a world view coming from Japanese mythology.

In order to protect the world, the gods creating the world in ancient times carried out a war against the monster Yamata, which caused destruction to both sides in the end. Yamata was incarnated into Yamata Wheel before it died; the gods were also decimated. To prevent Yamata from threatening the world again, the gods created the artifact weapons Ama-no-Murakumo-no-Tsurugi and Yata-no-Kagami before they died to protect the world.

888 years later, Yamata Wheel recovered, affecting the creatures on the land. Many monsters harmful to the world appeared and caused a series of disasters. In order to prevent Yamata Wheel from influence expansion, the most powerful hero “MengHsiu” was elected. He created “border stones” to isolate the places affected by Yamata Wheel, locking monsters inside the border. The hero went into the border and mopped up monsters. Players will experience the delightfrom the operation of the action game.


408 of 2 studio

A group of students that study in Department of Multimedia and Game Science in Yu Da University of Science and Technology.