One Egg to Hell

One Egg to Hell
Pin-Hua Hsu, Zhi-Wei Shi, Zao-Ming Huang, Ren-Jei Wang, Yuan-Wei Zheng, Xu-zhe Fu
3D animation


A man frustrated in workplace was asked for life by the Black and White Impermanence. While the Black Impermanence was taking his life, the mission was interrupted by the White Impermanence. Two deities thereby started a dispute and accidentally brought the man back to life. In the end, the Black and White Impermanence failing the mission drank with the man at night.


Ximen Studio was established by a six-person team from the Animation Division, Department of Visual Communication Design, Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology. All the team members are strongly interested in animation and skilled in different domains. They are good at creating humorous roles and stories while attaining the gist that is worth thinking. They have ever won the awards from the Youth Film Festival, the DC Competition, the National Animation Contest for Vocational Education, the Annual Screwdriver International Student Short Film Festival, and the New Taipei City Student Film Awards.