What A Peaceful Day

What A Peaceful Day
Kai-Hsun Chan
Digital image


A grandmother went to a forest to enjoy the relaxation and calmness of Mother Nature. Unexpectedly, she ran into a hunter who was collecting deer antlers, which developed into the conflict from standing up against injustice.

“What A Peaceful Day” is my graduation creation. In the last year of my college life, I challenged myself with what I had never done before, including story category, art style and narration way. Looking back now, although some things were not well-done, some things were acceptable, what was satisfying is that I have learnt many things in this year.

Ideally, I intended to make an action animation about chases on the road, which slightly mentions the issue of deer antlers. However, the issue was not emphasized much because high proportion of education and promotion will influence the structural aesthetics of the whole animation.

This creation was made by 2D computer animation mainly because that is the media I am good at most. Besides, being done completely by computer also saved much time.


Kai-Hsun Chan graduated from the Department of Animation, Taipei National University of the Arts. He has ever been the finalist of the Out of Competition, Annecy International Animated Film Festival. “What A Peaceful Day” was his graduation creation.