Zhi-Rong Luo, Chi-Hui Chen, Yun-Yu Chien, Po-Chun Liao, Yu-Hsuan Yang, Yu-Hui Lin
LED, Arduino, PVC, HCS, ABS, Optical color film, Mechanism assembly, Acrylic, Pearl plate, Cotton, Wood


“轉移” Shift in Chinese, is a 3D sculptural installation. The audience can interact with it and change its display results.

“Mobil phones carry much of our information, including where we are, what we said, and what we did. Mobil phones know everything.”

We rely on mobile phones so mush. If someday mobile phones are given lives, how will they treat you owners? If mobile phones can talk to one another, what will they talk about? Will all our secrets be unveiled?

The biological phenomenon of life originally only belongs to humans is shifted to mobile phones. The visitors use their won mobile phones as the contact points for interaction. The brilliant audio-visual effects of the installation are made by many kinds of media and technologies, presenting the process of mobile phones having mutual discussions and loudly talking about owners’ information and privacy. After experiencing it, the visitors are expected to value more the issues of over reliance on mobile phones and addition to virtual network.


eni-Rong Luo broadly exposes herself to different disciplines, expecting to use different media and specialties to create more kinds of art sparks; Chi-Hui Chen expects to combine cross-disciplines into the original discipline to create more possibilities; Yun-Yu Chien expects to make the society lovelier by her works due to the fact that art and society are closely linked; Po-Chun Liao often deals with the influences technology advance brings to humans in his works, expecting to make the society better; Yu-Hui Lin is strongly interested in interactive installation, motion-sensing installation and new media art, and she specializes in multimedia programming and interactive technology. (The 5 abovementioned artists are all fresh graduates from the Department of Information Communication, Yuan Ze University)

Yu-Hsuan Yang, a graduate student at the Institute of Information Systems and Applications, National TsingHua University, expects herself to attain high-level abilities of technology art to integrate humanities into technologies with eye-catching sparks.