Rhythm TrapLiang Wang


Acrylic, Silicone tube, Air, Electronic device




Music influences people by many reasons, among which rhythm is more significant than quality and volume to me. Rhythm has the potential to initiate bodily movement. It may even be synchronized with the listeners’ heartbeat and thereby brings about resonances. We can find some riveting rhythms in the natural world although a majority of things move in a random fashion. Since our living environment is rife with mechanical products, it is easily for us to retrieve some rhythms.

“Rhythm Trap” blows air through a flexible tube and ergo sets it in random swing. The flexible tube hits the acrylic tubes surrounding it and taps out rhythms. This work delicately shows slight defects of physical phenomena by virtue of such kind of randomness. In addition, “Rhythm Trap” is aimed to allow the spectators to feel something (e.g. emotions) or to evoke all kinds of associations for them.


Study in Taipei National University of the art.