White Space

White Space
Jia -Yan Jhang, Li-Wei Hsiao, Tsu-Hua Tsao, Man-Ping Hsu
Unity game、Cardboard glasses、VR


“White Space,” developed by the game engine Unity, is a VR puzzle game operated by the VR glasses Cardboard. It mainly tells about the leading actress Violet waking up from a coma in a mysterious space. She lost her memory, and in order to find back the memory, she must start to explore this mysterious space to find the diary pages full of memories.

The principle axisof our game is to explore levels and solve puzzles by viewpoint shift and optical illusion. Players operate the game without moving or walking. To move, the player has to shift the viewpoint, which can be shifted to the viewpoints of the objects as long as the objects are in sight, and the angles seen from the objects are used for environment observation. If something blocks the view, in order to know what is behind the object, players need to carry out the logistic applications of which object’s viewpoint can see the back and how the route can be shifted. To find the diary pages hidden in the levels by solving puzzles is the ultimate goal.


The production team from the Department of Digital Multimedia Design, China University of Technology, formed due to the fondness for puzzle game, expects to think outside the traditional game design to increase the interest of puzzle solving. In addition to extra stories, the game was decided to be developed by VR, which is all the rage in recent years, and the game puzzles were also combined with the concept of optical illusion. The unique operating mode of “viewpoint shift” was developed from the inspiration that “the things originally not found may be found from different viewpoints.” With VR, players will more deeply experience the sense of reality of viewpoint shift and enjoy the delight of puzzle solving personally in the fantastic space.

The mysterious atmosphere throughout the levels would arouse the curiosity to explore. All the colors in the room are dead. Instead of the realistic style of former puzzle games, we adopted the style of the mix of hand-drawings and real scenes, expecting to add a mysterious and conflicting atmosphere to become one of the unique elements attractive to players. In the dark, hidden clues need to be found by viewpoint shift, which tests players’ thinking to lift the mysterious veil of the space step by step.