Sound Creature MakerSheng-Chieh Wang


3D Printer、Interactive System、Computer、Acrylic




“Sound Creature Maker” performance 3D printer operates like a living organism; everyone’s voice can be stored as a file and converted into a physical specimen. It opens the discussion of whether, in this digital era, our voices can be considered “acoustic presences” with their own identity. Viewers may tell a story through a microphone facing the organism’s image displayed on the screen. When operating the program, the frequency and amplitude of the sound made by the viewer will be converted into a unique digital form.

The 3D printer will then print a physical object according to the acoustic file. Because everyone’s voice is unique, every printed model is also unique.The pictures projected in the middle show the fabrication process of the voice being 3D printed. Using a 360° panoramic camera the visiting audience are absorbed into the domain of the object’s bizarre images, while the specimens of the voices printed are shown on the wall to the right. Each voice sample has its own code, given according to manufacturing time, space, sequence, and other information. The whole device is like a bioreactor which collects sounds and produce vocal specimens. Because the time of the exhibition, venue, and audience are always different, “Sounds Creature Maker” serves to carry out a large-scale artistic documentary project.


Sheng-Chieh Wang is enrolled in the MFA program of New Media Art, Department of Multimedia and Animation Arts, National Taiwan University of Arts. Specializing in filmmaking, 3D animation and special effect synthesis, Wang is consumed with technology and art and meanwhile enthusiastic in artistic origination. He majored in radio and television and minored in cinematography during his college days, which prompted him to produce several videos and animations.