Magnetic Chinese Painting

Magnetic Chinese Painting
Dong-Bo Cai
Magnet, Arduino, Paper, Magnetic pointer


To people,second and minute are indicators of progress, and hour and day are multipliers of life accumulation. By observing time, we tell day from night via the light and shadow outside the window or the air temperature. People are always curious and concerned about time. In terms of Eastern ink paintings, creations are incubated and finished by artists via patience, persistence, Zen spirit and accumulation of a great deal of time. Besides, time baptism even symbolizes the value of ink paintings. This work combines Eastern landscape ink art with modern time device, presenting the beauty of painting by time. Due to the hurried pace in the modern life, resulting in more physical and mental busyness and tenseness, the concept of Eastern Zen is adopted to arouse users to think about the relationship between time and men, and try to slow down our paces, to be curious about the surroundings regardless of time, and to further feel and enjoy it, to curiously experience the life, and to intangibly show the lovelinessof existence.


Dong-Bo Cai, from Department of Communications Design, Shih Chien University, is fond of making artworks with different kinds of mixed media to achievecross-disciplinary combination.