Light and Meet by Phone

Light and Meet by Phone
Chiu-Wen Wang
Su-Chu Hsu
Smart phone, Internet


The advance of technology has brought people a convenient life, and the virtual communication world has made people communicate more rapidly. However, the emotional distances among people in the real world became farther and farther. The closeness and richness of internal communications were thereby deficient. “People communicate by phone instead of meeting in recent years,” which is the social issue concerned about in this work. We use “Light and Meet by Phone” for the title, trying to recall the importance of “real emotional communications among people” while pursuing phone advance and convenience. Integrated with online communities and the Internet of Things, this work uses the technique of expression that increases mutual relationships by cross-screen phone technology as online mobile art, allowing participants to interact by game-like phones and thinking reversely to make them to “meet while using phones.” In this piece, people meet first, check in on Google Maps, and then make remote art lamps light up by the Internet of Things. Through this work, inter-media actions can be carried out anytime and anywhere, making the online actions and installation art “jointly done by everyone.”


Chiu-Wen Wang, M.F.A. Program, Department of New Media Art, Taipei National University of the Arts, specializes in online and interactive art. Her creation subjects mainly focus on online community related issues, dealing with the social phenomenon of emotional transfer and Internet addiction in the virtual world that makes people distant.

Su-Chu Hsu, professor of theDepartment of New Media Art, specializing in interactive art, future museum, and cultural and creative products of technology art, is the connector and pioneer of Taiwan’s technology art.