Color Mesh

Color Mesh
Tung-Chen Tsai
Interactive installation


A writing system represents the culture of a country, and we can find historical significances and deep meanings in the writing system. In Chinese tradition, there are five essential colors Green, Red, Yellow, White, Black. Besides representing colors, these five elements also represent various symbols and meanings of life and seasons. Take "Red" for example, it symbolizes the heat and flame out of the five colors, and people can feel the passion in the flames of the color. "Color Mesh" employs computer programming to create brush like spider-web. When the visitor picks up the pen to scribble, the unique and beautiful patterns unravel on the table. The installation is programmed to designate meanings and patterns accordingly to these five Chinese essential colors.


Tung-Chen Tsai, born in Kaohsiung in 1989, is enthusiastic about technology, design and art. He has recently graduated from National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, Department of Digital Media Design with a master degree, and he currently works on interactive design, interactive new media and tech art.