Hong-Jia Lin, Kai-Tang Tzeng, Cheng-Min Fong, Yu-Chia Chen
Mobile app puzzle game


In the story, Chinese Tengu and Japanese Tengu are combined to create a whole new story text of environmental issues. The story is told in classical Chinese, and its unique physical operations will train children’s thinking skills and imagination. There is more than one way to pass levels. In the option of story functions, AR storybooks can be used as children’s core memory, giving them proper thoughts since they are young, as their future idea foundation, and as a way to add parent-child interaction, giving the company time with children that the people of today lack.

The roles are designed by structural planes and color gradients, while the art elements are presented with a delicate, aesthetic style by seeking differences from similarities. The roles’ dressing, scenes and key belongings are also the indispensable parts in the style setting.

The idea of music design is to create all the songs with Chinese and Japanese styles, while the music is arranged by orchestration. Every game level is created with different stories and arts and integrated with music.


Y is a game created by four male students at the Department of Animation and Game Design, Shu-Te University, who expect players to gain some different ideas from the game and hope to try to change the world through the game. Because of love, we are brave in fulfillment.