Dragon Sin

Dragon Sin
Ti-Chiang Chueh, Yu-Ju Li, Zheng-De Lin, Tsung-Ling Ku, Kuan-Ting Chen, Ping-Chun Hsieh, Hsin-Yueh Wang
Unity 5, 3ds Max, ZBrush, Photoshop
Part of the music material is taken from incompetech.com under fair use


It is a “dragon” themed action game set in fantastic medieval times, developed with Unity5.

It tells about the young handsome mercenary, Greer, a mixed-blood of the Dragon King. At a time returning to the hometown, he found the crystal controlling the town gateway stolen and the town he lived in ruined. Except the race of infernal dragons moving around, all the people disappeared. In order to find out the truth, Greer went to the magic old tower occupied by the race of infernal dragons alone for answers, and he gradually discovered the relations between these wars and his own family background….

The playing core concept is to “maximize damage in limited time,” expecting to let players strongly taste “revenge” during the process of fighting. The bodies of “infernal dragons” are surrounded by protective film for resisting attacks, which can only be actually damaged by continuous attacks. Therefore, during the fighting, it has to break the enemy’s defense into weakness and take advantage of its temporary weakness to give vital damage.


Fate-Dragon Studio

A group of seven students who study in Department of Digital Game and Animation Design of Taipei College of Maritime Technology.