Little ghost

Little ghost
Kuang-Cheng Hsueh
Interactive projection, Paper, Arduino Unity


Little ghost is a projection game that interacts with the players by using hologram technology and tangible objects. I want to make a game different from those traditional games using controllers. With Unity and Arduino, the player can play by his own hands. Users can help the character through the journey. Through the experience users can realize the character’s feeling. The background of the story is about a dead princess waking up on a wooden bed a long time ago. She wandered between the physical and the spiritual world.

In the beginning, I want to change the definition of video game devices-screens and controllers. I was thinking how I can remove those two things and design a new device for a scroll game. I built real scenes to replace screens and designed it for the players to use hands instead of controllers. The character will be projected on the scenes. When she gets into trouble, user has to “give her a hand.” For example, she can jump on user’s hand to climb up, or use flashlight to light up her way and touch the trigger by hand. The character will show her feeling and interact with the user.


Kuang-Cheng Hsueh, from Department of Communications Design, Shih Chien University, is good at art design of video games and creation of new media installations, devoting himself to integrate “video games” with new media design. His has ever won the Gold Award of 4C Digital Design Awards.