Jin-Hao Liu
Led, Steel


Sight is the sense people usually first receive things from. Through this installation, I intend to visualize the sounds in this space to synchronize the audience’s senses of sight and hearing, making them feel integrated into the space.

Before making this installation, I intended to present a stage performance. At the beginning, I would like to present a performance mainly focused on installation, but finally I chose light installation as the visual source of my performance, grouping LEDs differently to make changes. In order to associate my installation with the space, I decided to make my installation interactive and selected a silent, dark place as my performance place to set off the light.


Jin-Hao Liu, a junior at the Division of Creative Media Design, Department of Communications Design, Shih Chien University, makes works mostly focused on interactive installation and image interaction. His ideas for creations usually come from personal experiences and thoughts, and deal with the relationships between people and things for further idea development. He is good at making creations by programming and physical installations.