The Era of Inter-subjectivity

“With the machine, a discrepancy between technics and culture begins because the human is no longer a ‘tool bearer’.”
—Bernard Stiegler, Technics and Time: The Fault of Epimetheus

Technological advancement generated two revolutionary forces that run at cross-purposes. It provides human beings with proactive creativity and a congenial environment for production on the one hand, and threatens the value and freedom of human beings on the other. Individuals, as subjective actors, have no choice but to oscillate between both ends of the spectrum, sharing the collective anxiety about how to position themselves so as to regain their autonomy and creativity.

The general development of technologies have constituted a pluralistic, organic coupling system brimming with great uncertainty and figments of imagination. Such “organic uncertainty” is exactly the creative foothold that human subjects can secure therein, if you will. The theme “in_Subject” refers to a state of finding delight in mastering this technical system. This is an era in which technologies and human beings stand in an inter-subjective relationship to each other. Exploring the organic quality of techniques and promoting the knowledge, literacy and application of technologies are ergo the absolute prerequisites for modern people to regain their status as subjects.

International Digital Art Exhibition


Nonotak creates dazzling visual art installations that come alive in performance, fusing electronic music, strobe-lit, shadow-strewn lighting design, and multiple screens built into structures that surround the artists. Noemi Schipfer and Takami Nakamoto blur virtual and real in hypnotic performance with LATE SPECULATION...


在未來世界中,充斥著陪伴我們的親密科技、仿生家電、機械飛行器,而非另一個肉身生物。若在這世界獨活,終究這也只是一個生存的終極實驗。 人類的日常揭穿了存活的秘密,我們所處的是一個被怎樣監視的世界?而監視我們的是旁人?國家?還是外星生物?又更甚是我們正漂移在宇宙的黑洞中?因為心眼隨眠,而看不見洞外的無垠邊際...



Imprint of CityYen-Tzu Chang

Imprint of City is an interactive sound installation. “Imprint” refers to blurred memory of sound. Through sound recording and interactive installation, this art piece interweaves visitors’ exploration of soundscape with artist Yen-Tzu Chang’s thoughts on the sound of city...


Copper VeinsIgor Keltchewsky

Inspired by the vision of the 80’s, 90’s of the digital world, by science fiction and computer imagery, “Copper Veins” is a video game that takes place in an imaginary digital world....