Mary’s float

Mary’s float
Chia-Yin Chen, Yang Wang, Ying-Jung Chen, Yong-zhu Xie
Digital image


There is a child who has been drifting on the empty sea after opening his eyes. He neither knew where he came from nor where he should go. A rope was tied around his waist, and the other side of it was linked to aninvisible distant place. Although what came in the end was death, he never gave up any chance of survival during the period, even though he was an unborn fetus having obscure recognition to the external world.

Abortion or not? Right or wrong? We respect every mother’s choice. In the creation, what is intended to be expressed is only that all beings on earth have instinct to seek survival and innate vitality.

In the film, we present the relationship between a mother and a fetus. Any move of a mother will affect her child. Therefore, in our film, the incidents the leading role encounters as drifting actually imply the mother’s physical and mental situations at that moment such as quarrel and drug use.


Fresh graduates of the Class of 2012 from the Department of Multimedia and Animation Arts, National Taiwan University of Arts.