Render Ghost - the Installation VersionNAXS corp.


Visual reality and spatial audio visual device


Render Ghost is a future-facing artwork taking visitors straight into a data-and-memory-abundant conversion system for digital humans. In the moments of accelerated convergence between virtuality and reality, visitors are able to experience the downfall, deformation, loss of control and transcendence as the tangible leaps into the intangible.

Render Ghost - the Installation Version is a spin-off from its theater version. It uses metafictional scenarios to explore the interrelationship between the body and the digital world. In a bodiless form, visitors travel and transmigrate in the system, like an unbound digital signal wandering freely in the matrix.


Founded in 2010, NAXS corp. provides network afterlife existence storage.


The performing group NAXS corp. was founded in 2010. Formerly known as CBMI, the group uses digital media to distort the audience’s imagination of space and audiovisuals. Their works, described as being ritual and highly immersive, focus on exploring the perceptive boundaries of humans. In recent years, the group has concentrated on exploring the aesthetic possibilities of combining audiovisual reality with VR.