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Digital Art Awards
The 6th Digital Art Festival Taipei running ~~
NewCongratulations to the Winners!
[K. T. Creativity Award]
NewCongratulations to the Winners!
[Digital Art Awards Taipei_Interactive Installation]
NewCongratulations to the Winners!
[Digital Art Criticism Awards]
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Digital Art Awards Taipei

【Interactive Installation】

Works Artists
Work Photo 佳作 Honorable Mention
Chin-Hsiang Hu
Work Photo 佳作 Honorable Mention
Light in Forest
He-Lin Luo,
I-Chun Chen
Work Photo 評審特別獎 Jury’s Special Award
Hyper Voice

【Computer Animation / Film / Video】

Works Artists
Work Photo First Prize
Secret Plane Projection-Floating Immense
Shuai-Cheng Pu
Work Photo Shock Derailment Jun-Liang Lin
Work Photo Noise Romance Chin-Hsiang Tsui
Work Photo Lose Path Islands Mores Zhan
Work Photo Documentary XI – The X Mission Chang-Jung Wu

【Digital Musics & Sound Art】

Works Artists
Work Photo First Prize
Deconstruction of the Piano
Ying-Jung Chen
Work Photo The Wanderer Jasmine Chen
Work Photo Draw the Sounds-Giant Hsi Yang
Work Photo Void Ing-Yu Ko
Work Photo The Effect of Relationship Feng-Chen Hsieh
Work Photo Is Protest Legal at Street in Macau ? Ting-Hao Yeh

【Final List】A-W in Author Alphabetical Order

Works Artists
Virtuality II Yi-Huei Chen
The Cloud Iuan-Hau Chiang
Émulation Chia-Hui Chen
Monologue of the Pipa Ling-Hsuan Feng
Tech Havoc Shiau-Rung Huang
Laceration Wei-Yin Lo
Regeneration Music Lien-Cheng Wang