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Digital Art Awards
The 6th Digital Art Festival Taipei running ~~
NewCongratulations to the Winners!
[K. T. Creativity Award]
NewCongratulations to the Winners!
[Digital Art Awards Taipei_Interactive Installation]
NewCongratulations to the Winners!
[Digital Art Criticism Awards]
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K. T. Creativity Award

Mr. Kwoh-Ting Li, former Senior Advisor to the Office of the President of the Republic of China, is known for his work in leading the economic growth of Taiwan, and sparing no efforts in promoting the combination of technology with art and culture. To commemorate and in recognition of Mr. Li’s efforts, the “K.T. Creativity Award” borrows from Mr. Li’s name and at the same time represents “Knowledge Taiwan.” The goal of the award is to focus on innovative applications of digital technology into the visual arts, hoping to excite the creativity and innovation activities of Taiwan through competition between college teams.

Interactive Technology Art

Works Artists
Work Photo 金獎 Rate Beat

Tzu-Heng Chi,
Li-Hang Cho
Chi-Ying Lee
Ting-Ta Lin

Work Photo 銀獎 Harmony Graph, the Installation Wei-An Chen
Work Photo 銅獎 Soma Mapping Jia-Hua Zhan
Work Photo 銅獎 Sound Linear En-Tzu Kuo
Ming-Chun Chung

Digital Game

Works Artists
Work Photo 金獎 Color Fighting

Shu-Han Shieh
Jin-Bing Wang,
Chan-Hsiang Hsu

Work Photo 銀獎 GoGoFish Cheng-Chang Chen
De-Ren Wang
Kuan-Ting Liu
Chih-Wei Chen
Chia-Chun Hsieh
Work Photo 銅獎 GoGoJockey Jin-Kuen Liao
Jacky Chen
Kuan-Wei Tseng
Ming-I Tai
Work Photo 銅獎 Angel’s Relieve-AR Jian-Syun Zeng
Ya-Ying Lin

Computer Animation

Works Artists
Work Photo 金獎 Mr.Jones

Po-Han Lee
Shih-Chieh Chiu
Yang-Ling Lin

Work Photo 銀獎 Divine Intervention Yen-Chi Tseng
Work Photo 銅獎 The Little Pinky Ming-Hsun Li
Work Photo 銅獎 Between Food Min-Fang Wang