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Performance of the 2nd Digital Art Performance Award

The Process of Death

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Venue:Huashan1914˙Creative Park
Price:NT.200(Ticketing Service: Please contact the NTCH Ticketing System

The first prize winner of the 2nd Digital Art Performance Award 2011, The Process of Death, depicts life as marching towards death since birth. Death is portrayed as an ongoing process. The disappearance of the physical body seems to be the ultimate proof of death. Yet deep inside our heart and soul, we wish our spirit could be preserved for continuation. Technology thus becomes the medium for the immortalization of our core spirit. We are now at a transitional stage where the two are interdependent on each other.

Organization Personnel
Director Po-Ting Lee, Yu-Ning Sun, Yu-Chun Chen, Sheng-Jie Huang
Creative Code Director Yu-Chun Chen, Sheng-Jie Huang
Interactive Program Design Lien-Cheng Wang, Chia-Jeng Tsai
Choreographer Jou-Wen Lin
Dancer Yu-Hsuan Chiu, Chin-Ting Liao
VFX Artist Ting-Yi Chuang
Animator Yu-Ru Hsu, Yi-Chien Chen
Costume Design Yu-Ning Sun
Sound Lien-Cheng Wang, Po-Ting Lee

About XOR

The New Media Art Studio “XOR” gathers outstanding talent from the areas of interactive application, kinetic installation, software development, video, and sound. XOR studio develops the inter-disciplinary connection and integration mainly with new media. The members take an active part in many important new media performance projects. In TranSonic, Lee Bo Tin, one of the studio members, was even invited to be the guest performer with many other international sound artists, for example, Atsuhiro Ito and Satoru Higa from Japan.

In 2011, XOR studio was established, bringing out its newest work with great efforts — “The Process of Death,” which has won Digital Art Performance Award of 2011 Taipei Digital Art Festival. In November, the studio will have the performance with Maywadenki and Takagi Masakatsu from Japan in 2011 Taiwan Digital Performance Arts Festival, and has been called upon to yield its brilliance as the opening performance in 6th Taipei Digital Art Festival 2011.

Po-Ting Lee

Po-Ting Lee born in 1986, Taipei, has almost incurable Thalassemia and this is the main context for his creations. LEE’s major was sculpture in the University. LEE’s works then were chiefly kinetic/ installation and also attempted sound works. LEE is currently studying in the Graduate lnstitute of Arts and Technology, Taipei National University of the Arts. He attempts to combine the kinetic installation and sound works.


2011 「Digital Art Performance Award,The first prize (XOR)」
2011 Selecting by「Kaohsiung Award」
2010 「SANCF Award」
2010 Selecting by「The Digital Art Awards Taipei (DAA Taipei) Sound Award」


2011 「Extraordinary Sculpture」,Nanhai Gallery,Taipei
2010 「Sculpture Exhibition collection 」 Kuandu Taipei
2009 「Haslla Art World ,International Art workshops 」 ,Korea
2009 「,And land, Sculpture Exhibition 」 TNUA, Kuandu , Taipei
2006 「TESTER4-Experimental Photography Exhibition 」,Nan-Bei Gallery ,Kuandu , Taipei


2010 「2010 transonic」 TNUA Experimental Theater ,Kuandu ,Taipei
2008 「I.S.O.」,Underground , Taipei


2011 2011「Cloud Gate 2 Spring Riot Dance Performance Season」,Taipei,Taichung,Kaohsiung
2010 2010「Symphony Project – I. Violin」 ,The Red House ,Taipei
Sheng-Jie Huang

Born in 1986 Taipei, currently is a graduate students of the Department of New Media Art, Taipei National University of the Arts. He is interested in exploring the possibilities of integrating sound and visual images and bring the intrinsic value of digital world into our physical world.


2011 雲門舞集2春鬥 交響樂計畫壹、機械提琴 互動程式設計
2010 國立台灣美術館 數位方舟 VVVV軟體 助教
2010 國立台灣美術館 沉浸之境 加拿大SAT中心360度環景數位影像表演
2010 當代藝術中心演出
2010 華山創意園區Leacy Sound Bits  售票演出
2010 失聲祭 Listen 40
2010 文建會數位表演卓越計畫 Distortion City 影像設計
2010 台灣創用CC計畫 開源軟體 混很大 蛙咖啡混音派對 Remix-and-Jam: Tracks into Treasures
2010 光祭 Play On Street 數位影像表演
Yu-Chun Chen

Born in Taipei, 1986. Fond of searching for and trying different things from new areas.
National Taiwan University of Science & Technology
CSIE, Graduated-2009
Taipei National University of Arts
New Media Art, now studying


2010 untill now Part-time Research Assistant in TNUA Tangible Interface Laboratory
2010 Interactive Program Designer & New Media Performer in Quanta Technology Performance Theatre [L'Apres-midi de la Gravite]
2009 Object Recognition Research of Computer Vision & Game Development based on Autodesk Maya
2009 Dynamic Storyboard Assistant in 21st Summer Deaflympics