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Digital Art Awards
The 6th Digital Art Festival Taipei running ~~
NewCongratulations to the Winners!
[K. T. Creativity Award]
NewCongratulations to the Winners!
[Digital Art Awards Taipei_Interactive Installation]
NewCongratulations to the Winners!
[Digital Art Criticism Awards]
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Digital Art Criticism Awards

Ceremony & Announcement of Digital Art Criticism Awards

11.20 15:00 Bopiliao Historic Block Performance Hall

Art Criticism

Qualiy Award

Dynamic Embodiment”:
Huang Yi’s “Violin—Symphony Project I ” Being the Voice of Imagination Chao-Zhi Yang
Correspondence of the Support and Self-reference-the Logic of Representation in Jeffrey Shaw' s Place Series
Ching-Hsuan Liu
Mass media and individual: On Hsu Che-Yu´s “The Perfect Suspects” Po-Wei Wang


Modalities of Sounds—Relative Perceptions of Chang Yung-Ta Yung-Lin Wang
Polymorphic Manipulations of Projection in Digital Moving Image: On 4 Works of Art in DOC EXIT of 2010 Taiwan International Documentary Festival Ya-Wen Liu
“I make digital art embarrassing. ” Said by Humanoid Interface of Love & Peace Yan-Yu Jhong