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The 6th Digital Art Festival Taipei running ~~
NewCongratulations to the Winners!
[K. T. Creativity Award]
NewCongratulations to the Winners!
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NewCongratulations to the Winners!
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International Forum

November 13th, 2011(Sun.) International Forum滲透LOGO

Integration and Strategy for Cross

A case analysis of the successful merger between industry, government and art circle in France

This forum comprises three separate sessions, each of which discusses a particular topic. Session one will feature an experience sharing presentation by Gwendaline Bachini, founder of La C.R.I., specifically on the cooperation between art groups and technology industries, and also on the role of intermediary entities. Session two will highlight Gilles Alvarez, the director of multimedia at Arcadi, with insights into their sponsored selection program and Nemo, one of the major digital art festivals in Greater Paris. Session three will invite Jérôme Delormas, Director of la Gaieté Lyrique, as keynote speaker, who will share experience on the development and management strategy for emerging museums in the digital age.



Speaker:Gwendaline Bachini, Founder of La C.R.I.
Host: Dr. Ted Chang, Chief of Quanta Research Institute, Quanta Computer
Participant:Ms. Wen-Jean Hsueh, General Director of Creativity Lab, Industrial Technology Research Institute


Speaker: Gilles Alvarez, Director of multimedia at Arcadi/ Nemo
Host: Keng-Hsiu Hsu, Council for Cultural Affairs, Executive Yuan Director of the Third Deparetment
Participant:Ms. Victoria Wang, Director of Taipei Arts Festival


Speaker:Jérôme Delormas, Director of la Gaîté Lyrique
Host:Mr. Alf Chang, Artistic Director of 6th Digital Art Festival Taipei
Participant:Mr. Tsai-Lang Huang, Director of National Taiwan Museum of Fine Art