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Workshop GRAME : Audio and gesture processing with Faust penetration logo

2011.11.21 (Mon.) ~ 2011.11.23 (Wed.)

Real-time interactions based on motion capture and gesture control are of increasing importance to many contemporary artists and musicians. To be artistically effective, motion and gesture control have often to be co-designed with the controlled sound processing and synthesis techniques. The nice thing is that the same tools and techniques can be used to process gestures and sounds.

The goal of this three-day workshop is to learn how to use the programming language FAUST to co-design simples digital audio and gesture processing tools.

The participants should be familiar with computers, but no pre-existing knowledge of Faust or other programming language is required. The attendee will learn to program with Faust during the workshop. The recommended platform for the workshop is Mac OSX. All participants are expected to come with their own Macintosh laptop and headphones. GRAME will provide MOVEA's MPOD 9 axes advanced motion sensors to the participants to interact with. Additionally participants can bring their Smartphone equipped with touchOSC or similar softwares.

A local audio network based on GRAME's JACK2 and NetJack technology will be setup allowing the participants to share the audio system, to use and connect several audio applications at the same time on their laptop in a collaborative way and to play with each others by routing and sharing their audio streams.

Objectives of the workshop

At the end of the workshop the participants will:
- have acquire basic programming skills in Faust
- have acquire basic knowledge of signal processing
- understand how simple digital audio effects work
- be able to develop their own audio applications

Lecturer:GRAME/ Christophe Lebreton, Yan Orlarey
Duration:3 days
Number of Attendance:20 places
Venue:Digital Art Center, Taipei | No.180, Fuhua Rd., Shihlin Dist., Taipei
Target:Digital Artists (Sound engineer, Digital Music Designer、Composer…) and Engineers. A maximum of 20 students (10 Artists, 10 engineers)。
Mode of Study:An artist and an engineer are study in groups.
Technical Equipment:Please bring their own laptops(Windows/OSX, MacOS best)and headset. Software installed on their laptops before the workshop.

The application period will open on October 20th, 2011.