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Current City Amsterdam

Artist:MIT Senseable City Lab

Current City Amsterdam team:
Euro Beinat, Filippo DalFiore, Andrea Vaccari, Francesco Calabrese, Assaf Biderman, Carlo Ratti, Aaron Koblin, Bartosz Hawelka

New York Talk Exchange (NYTE) and Current City Amsterdam illustrate the daily life of people living in the current age of digital communications by analyzing large volumes of data using data visualization.

Current City Amsterdam visualizes city dynamics through real-time data processing. The project shows not only buildings and squares, but also the vitality of a city since it tracks the aggregated flows of its occupants. Thanks to data visualization, the project can allow people to detect which streets are the most crowded at a particular time, monitor the allocation of energy, improve traffic control to avoid congestion, or measure specific urban incidents to come up with better emergency planning.