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New York Talk Exchange

Artist:MIT Senseable City Lab

New York Talk Exchange team:
Carlo Ratti, Director
Assaf Biderman, Associate Director
Kristian Kloeckl, Project Leader
Franscesco Calabrese, Margaret Ellen Haller, Aaron Koblin, Francisca Rojas, Andrea Vaccari
Research Advisors:
William Mitchell, Saskia Sassen
AT&T Labs Research:
Alexandre Gerber, Chris Rath, Michael Merritt, Jim Rowland

New York Talk Exchange (NYTE) and Current City Amsterdam illustrate the daily life of people living in the current age of digital communications by analyzing large volumes of data using data visualization.

Created by MIT Senseable City Lab with the support of AT&T, New York Talk Exchange records global exchange of information in real time through visualization. By means of data visualization, it shows long distance telephone and IP data flowing between New York and cities around the world. The project is divided into three parts: Globe Encounters depicts the nearly ubiquitous flow of Internet data; Pulse of the Planet shows the impact of time zones on the global rhythm of communications by analyzing international calls between New York City and 255 countries over a 24-hour period. The World inside New York shows how New York connects to the rest of the world via the AT&T telephone network.