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Voices of Aliveness

Artist:Masaki Fujihata

The world today is full of sound and fury. Everywhere people are rife with angst over the present state of world affairs. In the midst of all this, sometimes we just want to shout –without any particular objective, and with no clear reason. What can we do about this? The project site at La Martiniere is a place for shouting, where people can shout into cyberspace, and see/hear their experience documented on the Web. It is a collection of people's shouts. It is a sculpture of voices. It is a "meta-monument" built of collective memory. Voices of Aliveness invites people to ride a bicycle on the a special path prepared exclusively for this project called the "shouting circuit". The bicycles are equipped with a GPS recorder and a video camera. As participants ride the bicycle, traces of their path and shouts will be transformed into cyberspace in the shape of ring. The collected rings from each participant will be compiled to form a tower-like "time tunnel" – a cyber tunnel of collected shouting that extended toward the heavens.

The project bridges real space and cyberspace, or network space. The main concerns of the project are how we can express our life, our aliveness, our activity in cyberspace, and how we can document what we are doing as collective memories in digital format. The only way to tackle this problem is by designing a new medium, by expanding our creativity. Each person's participation, their "shout" is the key to connecting technology and memory. We will continue to hold recording days every year. Voices of Aliveness is an ongoing project.