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Artist:Yi-Jyun Lin

Under the global perspective, whatever the history or the images is, the creation itself is a symbol of power. We access event or local information from news or internet, and the information is usually provided by the media and photographers in power. This information shows the subjective reception of the author and is interpreted by the author based on his/her own experience. Events shown through pictures usually include more melodramatic and hidden representation than the truth, like the famous picture “Legendary kiss V – J day in Time Square”, two protagonists in it did not know each other. The picture seems to be true, but it represents itself as author world. Historical writers collect historical materials, and depict history events with his/her own writing skills. And the photographers use composition and color to capture a part of the image from the real world for displaying. However, the world didn’t actually like the history books that full of wars and disasters, and the living world didn’t like the most pictures that only show beauty and colorful things. These records built a virtual world that based on the real world. Finally, people replaced real experience with photos, replaced real world with the virtual world.