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《Good-to-be-home Luggage》

Artist:Yen-Ju Lin

There are multicultural architectural elements in Taiwan’s housing from 1940 to 1980. I had lived in this kind of old house in Taiwan during my childhood. These residential elements have not only become my childhood memories, but also gradually constructed a feeling of belonging of home, as well as land. Therefore, dwellings have become my objects of attention. I have noticed that Taiwan’s housing is like the recombination and collage of multicultural symbols. Affected by the impact of globalization and colonialism, most housing of many Third World countries has showed this strange and organic collaging status. And I attempted to find out Taiwan's unique collage aesthetic. By recomposing dwelling subjects to suitcase, I have interpreted my sense of belonging and observation of local housing, while contradictorily compensated my inner craving of nomadism.